Ringmat, prices and the UK referendum

Following the UK referendum result last week, it may be necessary to increase some of our prices in the near future, something Ringmat Developments has not done since October 2013. We hope not to make price changes to our standard products for the time being but, should we be forced to make a sudden price increase in any of the products ordered online, we will inform our customers of that increase before processing the order. We intend to issue a new price list when the situation becomes a little clearer and more stable.

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Imagine - your favourite artists performing in person in your own home!


Imagine how this would sound if you listened on LP, CD or DVD. How would it differ?


Fix this difference in your mind, for it is now possible to obtain this extra dimension from sound reproduction systems if they are enhanced using our new Ringmat and Statmat products.


Results from even inexpensive systems are simply amazing. Ringmat and Statmat are not replacement components for your hi-fi system but work with it to remove that “veil” which previously has always differentiated “live” from pre-recorded sound.


Ringmat products are de-coupling components that are used for supporting LPs, hi-fi & audio/visual equipment and speakers in a way totally different from more traditional forms of isolation support.


Statmat products derive from very thin film coated with special conductive inks to form very powerful, though passive, electronic devices. The use of this anti-static film, in conjunction with the Ringmat products, removes that “veil” from the reproduction of recorded music. It also improves the pictures in audio/visual systems, and even the humble television. The film is used in various ways, such as placing it on the label side of a CD, DVD, SACD, or CD-ROM disc, placing it under an LP and under equipment and speakers.


And now Ringmat Audiophile Cables will carry the signal from source to speakers without the losses that usually occur with audio systems.


Click here to take a look at the Ringmat Concept Speakers.



Our unique add-on Ringmat and Statmat accessories are used and recommended by music lovers, musicians, music critics and hi-fi reviewers the world over. Our products have been well reviewed and extracts and copies of many of these reviews can also be found on this site.




We are pleased to provide help and advice in getting the best out of our products in your system. This site also provides general guidance on setting up your hi-fi system, as well as tips and tweaks for dealing with distortion and other sound reproduction problems. Further articles are in course of preparation.





All products purchased from us have a no-quibble money-back guarantee when you buy them.




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