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Each order placed through our On-Line Store passes through a ‘pre-approved’ status check by the customer’s card issuer before being passed to Ringmat Developments. However, a customer’s card is not actually charged until point of despatch and our new system enables us to continue this ethos.

The order is then processed by checking with stock availability and, in the case of existing customers, with previous orders, as part of our normal customer support and provision of bespoke services. If the item ordered is in stock, the order is prepared for despatch. It is normally only at this stage that we seek any payment, and the customer’s card is charged, and not before.

As a result, when you place an order, there is usually a little time before your card is charged. This enables us to make any changes to the order requested by the customer, provided we hear from the customer prior to despatch.

Therefore, if you suddenly feel you have made a mistake with the order, do not worry. Email or telephone us straight away and we will cancel the order and no charge will be made to your card if the order has not been despatched. Should you not be able to notify us of any mistake until after the order has been despatched, notify us straight away and return the goods to us. Ensure that the value of the goods returned is covered by the carrier and upon receipt of the items returned, in good condition, we will immediately refund your card with the cost of the goods ordered.

With regard to product availability, we can usually despatch within 5 working days, depending on the work involved in preparing the products ordered if they are not readily ‘off the shelf’. Some may take a bit longer and, in such cases, customers will be advised, if possible, within 2 working days, through the contact details provided with the on-line order.

For UK orders, there is a single charge for postage and packing when using our On-Line Store.

In the case of orders from outside the UK, the cost of postage shown by our On-Line Store is only nominal and almost always has to be adjusted upwards to reflect weight (including volumetric weight) and delivery location. We will therefore contact the customer accordingly and, with his/her agreement, adjust the sum charged.

Remember, all products purchased from us have a no-quibble money-back guarantee when you buy them, as has always been the case.

If you have any queries, or would prefer to place your order with us directly in the previously traditional way, we suggest that you either email us or telephone us on +44 (0) 1729 823 873. If you're emailing from Outlook or web browser based email system, please ensure that the words ‘Ringmat Enquiry’ is shown in the subject heading. We can then attend to you on a personal basis, including the provision of appropriate advice, where necessary, before any order is finalised.

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