RINGMAT PURE SIGNAL is a very flexible phono interconnect cable incorporating 4 conductors. Its low capacitance is maintained by advanced manufacturing techniques, having its helically wound screen positioned over a polyester tape and connected to ground at the signal destination end of the cable only. With only one of the conductors used for the signal, and the other three being connected to ground, this whole configuration makes a very substantial screen that not only enhances the clarity and accuracy of the signal but also provides a very effective barrier against radio frequency interference.

With its very low capacitance, inductance and near ideal resistance, measurements that are remarkable by any standard (see under Cable Specifications), the design of the Pure Signal Cable complements that of the Pure Power Cable and again results in exceptional tonal performance and a transparent and accurate sound reproduction. The over-riding impression is one of extraordinary 'speed', giving great pace to lively music, but more importantly it allows every detail of a performance to be savoured, starting from the full atmosphere of the recording venue before a note is sounded. The leading edge and decay of each note is completely natural.