Current Ringmat Product Pictures


Production notes:
When we first brought Ringmat to the market, we had 2 paper thicknesses and 3 Ringmat models.

The Ringmat 330 used a good quality paper, and the overall thickness of that model was around 3mm. To also have a thinner Ringmat available for certain turntables, we used a thinner paper from the same paper company, and this became the Ringmat 250, with a thickness of around 2.4mm. We used thinner rings on the top of the Ringmat to further lower the profile to produce the Ringmat 200, with a thickness of around 1.8mm.

When we could no longer obtain the paper for the original Ringmat 330, we were able to obtain a thicker version of the thin paper we had been using for the Ringmat 200 and 250 models, and this was introduced, initially, as the Ringmat MkII, and later revised to become the legendary Ringmat 330 MkII XLR.

The Ringmat 330 MkII XLR was later upgraded with a modified version of the cut-outs that were introduced for the Ringmat Spacers. This heralded the introduction of a much-improved Ringmat, the Anniversary Ringmat 330, which is still current as we still have paper cut for that model. The adhesive used for the rings was also changed, further enhancing the sound quality.

A modified and improved version of the Anniversary Ringmat 330 was later introduced as the Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmat, which included a "Gold Spot" attached to the top of the Ringmat, and even finer adhesive for adhering the rings to the paper substrate, which gave a more immediate “feeling” to the sound.

When it became clear that fresh supplies of the paper used for the Ringmat MkII, MkII XLR and subsequent models would no longer be available, we found a new and even better paper; this we now use for the Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmat 'Real Ale' version. It is now our premier Ringmat.

Fortunately, we still had supplies of the same paper we used for the Ringmat MkII XLR, but in a blue-grey colour instead of the original buff colour. The blue-grey paper provided the same performance as the original buff coloured paper, and is now used for the 200, 250 and 330 MkII XLR models, but the performance of these models has been further improved over earlier versions by the use of the better adhesives used for the Anniversary and Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmats.



Ringmat 200 - since 2013 - top side & underside




Ringmat 250 - since 2013 - top side & underside



Ringmat 330 MkII XLR - topside




Ringmat Anniversary - top side & underside



Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmat 'Real Ale' version - top side