RINGMAT SPACERS have two functions: they provide a necessary interface between RINGMAT and the turntable and allow the stylus rake angle to be adjusted to the right position. The spacers improve the sound dynamics, acting as a buffer between the low-mass RINGMAT and the high-mass platter. In addition they allow listeners to replicate the angle of the record’s original cutting stylus – a correctly angled stylus axis results in the correct tracking of the grooves, thereby eliminating another cause of distortion.

RINGMAT SPACERS are used on the bare platter, underneath the LP STATMAT and RINGMAT, and comprise three layers. The first layer is a non-slip Spacer Mat, with a stud on the outer edge to prevent the smooth, plastic Base and Top spacers from slipping while a record is being played. It also acts as a damper for certain types of platter, especially metal ones which may "ring" when in use.

The second layer is the Base Spacers, which have a special low resonance pattern cut on the inside. The thinner Top Spacers, which form the third layer, have the same complex pattern and are used on top of the Base Spacers.

RINGMAT SPACERS enable the stylus rake angle to be easily and accurately set for each LP without having to adjust the height of the tonearm or the stylus pressure and without losing a reference point to which to return. Adjustments are made by using combinations of Spacers of different thicknesses to lift the record off the platter to the appropriate height.


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