Sound specialist Ringmat Developments is proud to announce what it claims to be the biggest advance in CD reproduction since compact discs were introduced in 1983. The STATMAT electrostatic control system is designed to enhance the reproduction quality of CD recorded music. STATMAT eliminates the problem of low-level voltage surges, by evening out the electrostatic charges which build up during play. This results in greater resolution and separation, a wider, deeper soundstage, enhanced power and dynamics and an overall cleaner, crisper sound.

The size and shape of a standard compact disc, STATMAT is simply placed on the CD in the tray. Unlike competitive products, no treatment of the disc itself is necessary. Moreover, its lightweight material ensures that the transport mechanism does not suffer from any additional weight.

Developed over five years by sister company QR Design - in collaboration with DNM Design - STATMAT is the brainchild of sound consultant John Rogers. He says: "CDs revolve at high speed in a dry, closed


environment with relatively high temperatures. This causes a build-up of electrostatic fields which can distort the phase of the signal from the CD to the speakers. Such phase anomalies result in a degradation of the sound quality. STATMAT addresses this problem by evening out the low-voltage 'hot spots', ensuring that the reproduction is as true as possible to the original recording. " STATMAT is coated with a unique pattern of specially formulated conductive inks which level out the electrostatic fields around the CD, ensuring that the signal recreated by the digital circuitry is phase-correct before it is sent to the speakers. Therefore, as the signal suffers no phase distortion, the resultant sound is more vibrant, with an improved sense of timing and rhythm, clearer intonation and enhanced imaging.

A vital addition to any music lover's equipment, STATMAT can be used with most CD players, midi, mini and other packaged systems and portables.


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