27 March 2008
For immediate release

Ringmat Developments has launched its Vivacity AR Anti-Resonance Equipment Platforms for hi-fi and home cinema systems.

As announced in September 2005, NXT technology has been utilised to develop this unique anti-resonance solution. It was first previewed at the 2005 London Hi-Fi & Home Entertainment Show.

For some 7 years, Ringmat Developments have been using NXTís Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology to investigate resonance patterns in flat materials Ė in particular, the effect of hi-fi and home cinema system support structures like equipment stands, shelves and home cinema units. The results of this research were applied in the design of Ringmat Vivacity AR; a solution based on specially designed support panels that neutralise distortion caused by resonance. Throughout development, tests have shown significant improvements in both sound and image quality from LPs, CDs and DVDs.

John Rogers, chief designer for Ringmat Developments, said: "Resonance has long been a corrupting factor in sound and image reproduction and one which has remained largely unaddressed. Since its inception, and in conjunction with DNM Design, Ringmat has been designing products that eliminate distortion from static, vibration and resonance. With Ringmat Vivacity AR, we wanted to delve further into the problems caused by resonance in shelves, platforms and other structures supporting hi-fi and audio-visual equipment. With NXTís unique Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology, we are now able to deliver an exciting and, I can safely say, unprecedented solution."

NXT's Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology uses a small motor (an exciter) to generate bending waves across the surface of a flat panel, thereby creating sound. Ringmat used this concept to study resonant modes across panels when excited by equipment and equipment supports. Now, in the design of its Vivacity AR platforms, it has been able to implement an inversion of NXT's Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology concept so as to rid sound and images of the problems associated with resonance during sound and image reproduction.

Neil Harris, NXTís Chief Scientist, said: "The number of commercial applications for NXTís Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology continues to grow, with most related to the loudspeaker design and sound reproduction. The Vivacity anti-resonance equipment platforms use DML to eliminate unwanted vibrations and are an excellent example of the flexibility of our technologies. We congratulate Ringmat Developments on successfully bringing this innovative range of products to market.

NXT technology can open up whole new areas of possibility in the fields of audio and home cinema. It is now widely used to design loudspeakers and it is also good to see it applied creatively for applications other than the amplification of sound. In deploying the technology to eliminate resonance, Ringmat looks set to deliver an industry first."

Ringmat Vivacity AR is commercially available now.


A concept photograph of a Vivacity AR Panel is available.
Photography of other Ringmat products is also available on request.

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