To achieve the best results with our isolation and other products, we suggest that you check the following:

1. Where any shelf or platform supporting components (such as a turntable, compact disc or DVD player, amplifier, tuner, etc.) can be used either way up, a good tip is to alternately try both ways. One way up should give a noticeably better sound than with the other.

2. Our decoupling and other Ringmat and Statmat products correct phase distortion and other anomalies in the music signal caused by vibrations and resonance. In turn, this affects the coincidence of direct and reflected waveforms, so that some small change in loudspeaker placement may be necessary to realign timing whenever one of our products is introduced into a sound reproduction system. This advice is not unique to our products. A similar adjustment may be required whenever introducing other manufacturers’ products and accessories. Accordingly, check the position of each

speaker in relation to a rear wall, the distance each speaker is from the other and the extent to which they are each “toed-in” (to tighten imagery and adjust relationships in distance to rear and side walls). Depending upon the accuracy of the system, an adjustment of 3 to 6mm either way may be all that is needed, though sometimes more is required if there is still a problem.

Depending upon the ease with which a speaker can be moved and the manner in which it is supported, it may be possible to ascertain the correct position simply by listening to each speaker in turn whilst “leaning” or “swivelling” it in each direction. Concentrate on changes in the timing, clarity and transparency of the sound as this is done. Do NOT attempt this if the speaker is not suitably under control. Ensure it cannot topple, cause damage to itself or to its supports. Where necessary, seek help with holding the speaker and check that there is no risk to the cables or to any connections.


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