Jimmy Hughes
Hi-Fi Choice
February 1995

"Essentially, RINGMAT helps give LPs the kind of firmness and stability normally only available from master tapes. It improves clarity and dynamic range, resulting in a sharper, more tactile presentation. Given the excellence of the original RINGMAT, I was a bit sceptical about whether or not the MkII would provide a worthwhile improvement - it did: The new mat is essentially similar to the original, but clarity and fine detail are further enhanced and the bass is slightly firmer. Put on an LP of complex synthesizer music and the sound is even cleaner and better sorted. It sounds as if the stylus is tracking the grooves more comfortably, leading to a firmer stereo image."






Sam Tellig
Stereophile Vol.18 No.1
January 1995

"Better than ever is what I have to report about the MkII. The revised RINGMAT results in much tighter bass, a more detailed sound overall - without the over-etched quality that certain, usually hard, turntable mats often produce with the AR. Buy a RINGMAT and turn your AR into a killer 'table. It almost seems too good to be true."






Dominic Todd
Hi-Fi World
January 1995

"This product really does have to be heard to be believed. On most turntables the bass seems to instantly reach down an octave lower, with noticeably better control and extension too. Dynamics, also, are less compressed, which is noticeable on dynamic material such as orchestral and brass pieces. Pop and rock material also benefits with faster, punchier drumbeats and cleaner transients. Also notable, but to a lesser degree, is a purer treble and mid-range, with more space around individual instruments and vocalists. There is also a marginal increase in the sound stage width and depth with most types of music. What's more, none of these improvements are ones you'd have to listen hard for and, as yet, I've found no adverse effects."




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