Ringmat Developments have been researching the design of multi-strand cables for many years, as they felt that existing cables did not provide the level of performance required by other Ringmat products. This research continued until a manufacturer was found with the right cable technology and design resources. The fruits of this co-operation can be found in the concept and design of the Ringmat OFC Pure Power Cable and the Ringmat Pure Signal Cable.


The need for good quality Mains Cables in a hi-fi or home cinema system is well documented and recognised and these types of product now have a high profile in all serious Hi-Fi and Home Cinema magazines. Whilst the damage caused to the sound of any hi-fi or home cinema system as a result of



using the relatively poor quality mains cables that are automatically provided with all supplied equipment is generally known to those who read up about these matters, for many systems owners the extent of the problem caused by inadequate Mains Cabling cannot be appreciated without first hearing the effect on the sound of a well designed Mains Cable.


We have been using and evaluating high quality Mains Cables for many years, originally when we had a retail hi-fi dealership, but more recently since we decided to concentrate solely on designing our own Ringmat and Statmat based products. With the opportunity to design and develop our own cables, we also turned our attention to Mains Cables to see if we could go beyond what had previously been achieved by other cable manufacturers. We very soon discovered that we could, indeed, go a lot further and the result is the concept and design of the Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cable. In any suitable system, the effect on the sound in terms of delivered power, speed, bandwidth, the width, depth and height of the sound staging, secure imagery, timbre of voice and other instruments, resolution of detail and pure clarity is simply awesome. But above all, there is the sheer musicality of the sound, that makes the music lover just want to go on listening and listening through their whole collection of software titles.


The Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cable has been very well received and, like the Pure Power Speaker Cable on which it is based, it has been shown to massively outperform all competitive cables when tried in comparison. See The Story of Ringmat Cables for the context in which all our cables have been designed.
However, the Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cable is not inexpensive and we were soon asked to design a more affordable mains cable for wider use, whilst still providing many of the essential ingredients of the Pure Power version, especially the musicality. Using some of the technology and components of the Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cable, we subsequently launched the Ringmat POWER CABLE TWO Mains Cable to wide acclaim amongst users.
Details of these two versions of Ringmat Mains Cables will be found as follows:


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