TPS, London
12th February, 2013

"Just a line to say how delighted I am with the mains cable. I now have three of your mains cables. I already had my turntable and power amp plugged in, and so used this latest cable for the phono pre-amp. I have been truly
amazed by the difference it has made. Without going into all the details, it is as though the system has suddenly realized what it is supposed to be doing! I thought it was really good before, but all the elements have started to work together. The overall sound is much sweeter, the separation of the voices and instruments far more distinct and yet at the same time far more 'together', the bass much fuller and more musical, the dynamic range improved, and ... (what I mean to say is that the start of a piece of music - the opening note, the leading edge, comes in much more sharply - I think the technical term for this is 'attack'!)

I should add that the Ringmat cable replaced a high quality 'Reference' cable produced by a well-known and internationally respected manufacturer, and so it was not just some old kettle lead!"






Tony Bolton

Hi-Fi World

February 2009

"... There are two versions of mains lead in the range; the more expensive of the two is the Pure Power Mains Cable ...

The design is unusual and builds on the company's research into the effects of phase anomalies in both signal and speaker leads. ...

The sonic effects were very pleasant, with a wide and detailed soundstage, underpinned by a driving rhythmic energy that was beguiling.

In particular, I felt that the smoothness given to potentially shrieky instruments, such as the violin, was well balanced, whilst avoiding the unnatural creamy lushness that can be the signature of some other leads. Separation was good, leaving no doubt as to the relevant location of each performer.

Ringmat's Pure Power Mains Cable is expensive, and may require a little jiggling to fit it in behind your equipment rack, but it is also very effective, and worth auditioning alongside other similarly priced products."




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