Andrew Marshall
Audio Ideas Guide
Winter 1994

"I found the sound of my LPs improved significantly, reminding me of the experience of listening to records on a Goldmund Reference turntable with a van den Hul Grasshopper cartridge with its nude stylus. All of a sudden, much more of the music, and the space in which it was performed, was evident. I'm sure that the legions of Linn and Rega owners out there who still play their LPs will want to make the modest investment required for a major improvement in vinyl play"






Robert Deutsch
Stereophile Vol 17 No.5
May 1994

"All theory aside, the RINGMAT really works. "with the RINGMAT, there is a reduction In background noise with a cleaner, crisper and yet more delicate sound". That's what it says in the product literature, and that's pretty much what I heard. Unlike the rubbery mats, which tend to dull and soften the sound, the RINGMAT preserved all the transient information, but surface noise seemed less annoying. Unlike the hard acrylic mats, an increase in detail did not come at a cost of a more etched quality. Compared with the stock felt mat, with the RINGMAT there was definitely more subtle detail across the spectrum, bass was better controlled, and the sense of space was more distinct."






Jimmy Hughes
October 1993

"RINGMAT gave a sharper, cleaner, more solid sound, with better fine detail and clarity. On complex material the improvement in stability and focus was remarkable; easily comparable to an expensive tonearm, cartridge or power supply upgrade. Any drawbacks? None I could detect. RINGMAT 330 must be one of the simplest, most cost-effective, upgrades you can make to any turntable"






Christopher Breunig
Hi-Fi News & Record Review
September 1993

"A carefully researched and innovative product which genuinely transforms analogue replay at nominal cost. The string bass was more dynamic, the separation cleaner and, more importantly, the phasing of the music was more fluid - you heard the vocal line arch and fall."




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