We have organised our product pages so that you can understand the full range of components now available to you to improve the reproduction of your hi-fi / home cinema or other audio-visual systems even your television or the portable in your kitchen. Whatever your system, our products will improve the sound and picture. This applies irrespective of the price of the equipment concerned, for we are dealing with fundamental issues concerning electrical and mechanical vibrations inherent in all equipment and situations that go beyond the superficial treatments you will encounter from the manufacturers of your equipment except those already offering our products. Ringmat and Statmat products are also superior to most other accessory products on the market for which similar claims are made.

Our products are aimed at securing accurate signal phase. This is essential if you are to achieve accurate sound reproduction and a sharp picture with the best definition and colour the screen is able to provide.




Loss of phase accuracy can be due to poor design or component quality, but in the main it is due to the impact of electrical and mechanical vibrations we can neither see nor physically feel. For example, static in the case of electrical vibrations and the natural resonance in materials in the case of mechanical vibrations. By addressing these problems, the improvements brought about by our products are both significant and cumulative. Some are more noticeable than others are, sometimes depending upon the order in which our products are introduced into a system. In general, it is usually best to start nearest the source of the signal.

On occasions, our products may not seem to make very much difference. This is always due to significant phase problems within the system concerned and mostly due to certain loudspeaker manufacturers employing drive units in a speaker with opposing absolute phase without making the necessary corrections. The reason for this situation is a lack of understanding within the industry generally, and on the part of some loudspeaker manufacturers in particular, as to the real role of absolute phase in sound reproduction. We look forward to explaining this matter more fully at a later date. On the positive side, the instances just cited could demonstrate a problem of which the user may otherwise be unaware. In such cases, the Ringmat or Statmat product used can be employed as a diagnostic tool for evaluating the success of endeavours made to correct phase anomalies in a system, thereby radically improving the sound.

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