A suggested way to align the tonearm for the ANNIVERSARY or XLR Ringmats and other 330 models (which raise the record about 3mm above the platter), is to place a flat sheet of card or plastic with a thickness of around 0.75mm* on the bare platter and place a record on top. Then, by measuring the distance between the surface of the record and (1) the front and (2) the back of the headshell (e.g. to the underside edge of the headshell in each case), adjust the height of the tonearm so that the distances, (1) and (2), are the same. Then remove the sheet of card or plastic and replace with the RINGMAT. Initially, set stylus pressure according to room conditions and the guidance notes that are included with the Ringmat. Then, fine tune by listening to one or two records in the normal way.  Reduce pressure if the sound is heavy, thick and slow, or increase pressure if the sound is rather thin, with a hard edge, the bass over-dynamic and lacking in extension, and the sound generally too fast or 'mechanical sounding', lacking emotion.

* A composite plastic shim of 0.75mm is available, if required, from Ringmat Developments.


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