Our RINGMAT PURE POWER MAINS CABLE is a very considerable Mains Cable with a length of 4-core Ringmat OFC Pure Power Cable and a weighty Earth cable at its heart. Prototypes of this Mains Cable have been in use in Ringmat Developments’ test bed system for some years. As explained above, the results are awesome. However, there was a practical problem in bringing them to the market in that the thickness of the Pure Power Cable and the Earth Lead (up to 10mm²) meant that they could not fit into even the very largest versions of domestic or professional AC mains plugs or high power IEC plugs/sockets. These problems have now been solved by linking the very large conductors at the heart of the Mains Cable to another substantial 5-core ‘connecting’ Mains Cable of significant quality, via a recently developed and very neat 5-pole connector at each end. Although the ‘connecting’ Mains Cable is very substantial, it is possible to terminate it with traditional UK and international type mains plugs. The exceptional quality of the Ringmat OFC Pure Power Cable is well documented and considerable care has been taken through extensive listening tests to ensure that the other components are of

complimentary and comparable quality. Every care has been taken in the design of this Mains Cable to avoid those conditions whereby sound signals dependent upon mains power are adversely affected, such as where the wrong polarity has been used, the wrong number of strands have been used in conductors and through the use of solder to secure connections – only screws have been used to secure connections. Those familiar with the use of the Pure Power Cable as speaker cable will be recognise the practice. We have effectively used 5-core cables throughout, with a single Earth conductor and two conductors each for live and neutral whereby ‘opposite’ conductors are paired.

Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cable with Schuko Plug

With the Ringmat Pure Power Cable at the heart of our Mains Cable, with its very low capacitance and very low resistance, the design enables an extraordinarily accurate sound reproduction to be provided in sound systems using it. Obviously, the quality and set up of the sound reproduction system itself is a crucial factor, but with the Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cable there is the capability of exceptional bandwidth, tonal performance, firm imagery and remarkable transparency. The sense of power and space can be awesome, and yet fine nuances can still be exquisitely presented.


Pure Power Cable: 4 PVC insulated conductors of stranded high purity oxygen free copper wire, each conductor has 56 x 0.30 mm dia. strands, giving a core size of almost 4 mm2, reducing to 49 strands at termination

Earth Cable: Single conductor of 7 x 1.35 mm dia. strands of plain copper in LSF thermosetting insulation, giving a core size of 10 mm2

Connecting Cable: 5-core mains cable, each conductor having a core size of 1.5 mm2

Place of manufacture of complete Pure Power Mains Cable: EU

Plugs and Connectors: The design of the plugs and connectors used with the Pure Power Mains Cable is very important and a considerable period of research was needed to find and select the ones chosen. Indeed, it took several years, which is why the Mains Cable was not released earlier.

Cable Terminations: At the power socket end, the Mains cables are available with UK 13Amp, Schuko or IEC plugs, or with bare ends to meet local requirements with regard to mains plugs. At the equipment end, standard termination is with IEC plugs. They can also be supplied with bare ends.

The standard length of the Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cable is 1.4metres. Lengths of 1.7 and 2 metres are also available, as are other lengths to order.

If you would like further advice or help with regard to the Ringmat Pure Power Mains Cables, please contact your local hi-fi dealer, supplier or Ringmat Developments.


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