Tony Bolton
Hi-fi World
May 2009

"In my case, I used two sets of four to test them underneath my Kelly KT3 loudspeakers, which currently sit atop a pair of two inch tall polished black granite plinths ...

Installation of the Spike Stoppers was easy, resting the spike inside the hole drilled in the top of the Spike Stopper ...

From the opening bars of the Guilini/Philharmonia Orchestra's recording of Rossini's 'L'Italiana in Algeri' I noticed positive changes to the sound of my system. I found improvements in every aspect of the music, from its timing through the darkest reaches of the back of an extended sound stage. The music had greater authority and presence, as well as precision and ease. It seemed to flow better, sounding subtly but significantly more natural and as such made me want to listen longer. As such I would certainly recommend trying the Ringmat Spike Stoppers in your system; the improvement garnered by them is impressive, especially considering the reasonable price."




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