There have been four generations of the Ringmat LP record support mat. When each new generation of Ringmat is introduced, it has been possible to upgrade to the new version at a special price. Likewise, it has been possible to replace a damaged or soiled Ringmat at the same special price.

The original Ringmat was launched in late Autumn 1992. It was replaced in 1994 with a MkII version and then in 1996 by the MkII XLR. In 2001, the Anniversary Ringmat was introduced on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the original design work. The XLR and Anniversary are the two current versions.

To exchange an earlier version of the Ringmat for a more recent generation, just return the old Ringmat in its folder to Ringmat Developments with the appropriate fee (see price list Ė click here) or contact your local dealer. If you live outside the UK, contact Ringmat Developments or our regional overseas distributor (for a list of overseas distributors, click on the Distributors link in the main menu bar and select your region).

Ringmat Exchanges are made without new product packaging, so if you no longer have the original folder to return to us to use for the replacement, donít panic, contact Ringmat Developments.


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